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What are the factors driving your construction costs? Which trends will impact your budget? How can you build green while staying in the black?

Solar Car Ports

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Technology for technology’s sake is a waste of time, resources, and money. This is especially true of green technology! Often in our haste to become more efficient – whether through installing green roofs in improbable locations or implementing “eco-friendly” technology that ignores common sense and utility – we end up creating more waste. Does that mean there is no place for green technology in the Parkway City? Not at all! In fact, there is a prominent place – but only if it has a proven value and provides a measurable benefit for the community. Let’s see how we can seamlessly and efficiently integrate solar panels into the Parkway City.

New Townhouse Development

Written by Vermeulens on . Posted in Save-Save Solutions


The Parkway City seeks to balance the needs of the environment with the needs of city residents – helping people live better, more efficient lives. It’s difficult to do that in homes where the garage dominates, and the backyard is a mere afterthought. Current townhouse developments are paved testaments to our car-centric culture that put people second. We can’t make more land – but we can use the land we have much more efficiently and create comfortable homes that meet all of our needs.

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