Industrial Zones

THE INDUSTRIAL ZONE is defined as an area that  requires a high volume of heavy truck use or very large facilities. The zone is located parallel to freeways with a strip of open land between the industrial zone and the freeway. A buffer zone of temporary use is kept immediately adjacent to the freeway to reduce noise and to catch dirt. This allows easy expansion of freeways if growth causes overloading of the road and transit grid. By segregating heavy industry in this manner, INDUSTRIAL PARKS are transformed from clusters of mixed industry and commerce into strips adjacent to the transportation mode that suits them best. Light industry, studios, shops, stores, retail, restaurants, offices etc are positioned along main streets while heavy industry, large-scale plants, trucking and freight distribution are positioned along freeways. Two major problems have been created by the current set-up of FREEWAYS—THE NEW MAIN STREET. Freeways have become hemmed in by commercial and residential uses making expansion next to impossible. This chokes our mobility and  freezes our economy. Also, commercial businesses have become over-reliant on franchising as the pedestrian experience of shopping has been undermined by the drive-through experience of national brand franchising. Land use in the industrial zone can become more efficient with COMPACT INTERCHANGES and the many uses for the open space adjacent to freeways include trailer parks, storage, GARBAGE LOTS, urban farms, driving ranges or anything of a low cost and easily movable nature.

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